Section B Syllabus - Computer Science & Engineering





Mechanical Engineering

Compulsory Subjects

IC 402 Engineering Management
MC 403 Mechanics of Solids
MC 404 Mechanics of Fluids
MC 405 Thermal Science and Engineering
MC 406 Manufacturing Technology
MC 407 Design of Machine Elements

Optional Subjects (Any three from any one Group)


Group I Thermal Engineering

MC 411 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
MC 412 Power Plant Engineering
MC 413 Non-conventional Energy Systems
MC 414 Internal Combustion Engines
MC 415 Turbo-machinery

Group II Engineering Design

MC 421 Design of Mechanical Systems
MC 422 Optimization — Theory and Applications
MC 423 Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms and Machines
MC 424 Design of Machine Tools
MC 425 Computer Aided Engineering Design

Group III Manufacturing Engineering

MC 431 Manufacturing Science
MC 432 Computer Aided Manufacturing
MC 433 Tool and Die Design
MC 434 Manufacturing Automation
MC 435 Production Management




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