Group A

Definition of automation, reasons for automating, pros and cons of automation.
Fundamentals of manufacturing and automation: Manufacturing operations and automation
strategies, production economics.
High volume production systems: Detroit type automation, analysis of automated flow lines,
assembly and line balancing, automated assembly systems.
Numerical control production systems: CNC, DNC and adaptive control.

Group B


Industrial robots: Robotics technology, robot applications.
Material handling and storage: Automated materials handling, automated storage and
retrieval systems.
Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS): FMS workstations, material handling and storage
systems, computer control systems, planning the FMS, analysis methods for FMS,
applications and benefits.
Automated inspection and testing: Inspection and testing, statistical quality control,
automated inspection principles and methods, sensor technologies for automated inspection,
coordinate measuring machines, other contact inspection methods, machine vision and other
optical inspection methods, and non-contact inspection methods.


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