Group A

Influence of tools and dies on quality, productivity and environment, tool design methods and
procedures, tool making practices, tooling materials and treatment.
Jigs and fixtures. Basic principles of locating and clamping, development of fixture using
locating, clamping, indexing tool setting elements, force analysis, standardisation of
elements, illustrative examples of machining, welding, assembly and inspection fixtures.
Design of cutting tools and special tools (form cutters and broachers), tooling for CNC,
introduction to modular fixtures and tools.

Group B


Die design: Design of sheet metal blanking, piercing, bending and deep drawing dies.
Progressive die design.
Mould design. Introduction to die casting and injection mould design. General mould
construction. Design of ejection, feed and cooling systems. Parting surface design. Side cores
and side cavities. Product design for die casting and injection molding.
Cost estimation and cost benefit analysis.


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