Group A

Basic definitions of manufacturing systems: Definitions, design, planning and control.
Part design and CAD: Engineering design, design drafting and its interpretation, inspection
and measurement. A brief history of CAD, CAD hardware and software. Fundamentals of
geometric modeling. CAD data exchange.
Process engineering: Experience-based planning, process capability analysis, basic machining
and other manufacturing process calculations, process optimisation.
Hard automation: Introduction to automated manufacturing, fixed automated manufacturing
systems, workpiece handling hardware for automation and economics of automation.
Programmable logic controllers: Function of controllers, control devices, programmable logic
Data communication and local area networks in manufacturing: Fundamentals of data
communication and local area networks.

Group B


Fundamentals of numerical control: Historical developments and principles of NC,
classification of NC, NC part programming, manual and computer-assisted part
Introduction to industrial robots: Power sources, actuators and transducers. Robot
applications. Economic considerations of robotic systems.
Group technology: Introduction, coding and classification, benefits of group technology.
Process planning: Introduction, manual process planning, computer aided process planning,
variant and generative approaches, simple examples.


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