Group A

The essential inputs to a design engineer. Stages in design. Creative and evolutionary design.
Problem formulation. Preliminary design and analysis.
Conceptual design: Alternative designs, feasibility analysis and design space, best design
constraints, system integration, rational design.
Design process and design cycle. Design morphology.
Design data bases and design standards.
Selection of materials and processes. Accuracy, surface finish, tolerances, statistical nature of
loads, part dimensions. Probabilistic design, factor of safety.
Detailed design of simple systems involving pressure vessels, fasteners, pins and welds.

Group B


Optimal design of machine elements and systems. Minimum weight and minimum cost
design rigidity and strength.
Reliability of systems, failure rate and component life, MTBF, reliability considerations in
Static and dynamic analysis of engineering systems involving shafts, linkages, couplers,
transmission devices, toothed elements, etc.


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