Group A

Positive displacement and turbo machines. Basic principles of rotodynamic machines.
Efficiency of turbo machines.
Flow through nozzles and blade passages: Steady flow through nozzles, isentropic flow;
Effect of friction in flow passages; Converging-diverging nozzles; Flow of wet steam through
nozzles; Diffusers.
Steam and gas turbines. Pressure and velocity compounding; Velocity diagrams; Degree of
reaction; Utilisation factor; Reaction blanding; Analysis of flow through turbo machines;
Energy equation; Momentum equation.
Fluid dynamic consideration: Theoretically obtainable work head; Profile losses. Clearance
and leakage losses. Windage losses. Partial admission losses. Flow deviation, Diffuser
performance. Design of blade passages. Cavitation in turbo machines.

Group B


Centrifugal compressors: Description and operation, energy transfer and relations, losses,
adiabatic efficiency, effect of compressibility, performance characteristics, pressure
coefficient, slip factor, surging, surge lines and stall line.
Axial compressor: Introduction, stage characteristics, blade efficiency, design coefficients,
blade loading, cascade characteristics, three-dimensional flow considerations, supersonic
axial flow compressor, performance characteristics.
Wind turbines: Power, energy and torque of wind turbines, coefficient of performance,
energy production and capacity factor, turbine shaft power, torque at variable speeds.
Hydraulic turbomachines: Hydraulic turbines (Pelton wheel and Kaplan turbines), centrifugal
and axial flow pumps, characteristics of hydraulic turbomachines.
Fans: Classification, fan laws.
Power transmitting turbomachines; Hydraulic coupling; Torque converters


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