Group A

Introduction. Manufacturing cycle. Manufacturing processes and their selection.
Engineering materials and their selection.
Casting: Patterns, gating system design, riser design, product design, defects, inspection
techniques. Other casting processes: investment casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and
continuous casting. Basic design considerations in casting.
Metal forming: Plastic deformation, hot and cold working. Forming operations-rolling,
extrusion, drawing processes, sheet metal operations, load estimations for homogeneous
deformation. Sheet metal die design. High velocity forming processes.
Heat treatment processes.
Processing of plastics: Extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, rational moulding,
thermo-forming and compression moulding. Basic design considerations, rapid prototyping,
stereo lithography technique.
Powder metallurgy processing: Production of metal powders, compaction and sintering
processes. .

Group B


Metal cutting: Tool .materials, tool geometry and nomenclature in ASA, ORS and NRS,
cutting fluids, single and multipoint cutting operations, production of gears and screw
threads, grinding and finishing processes, specification of grinding wheels.
Machine tools: Primary and secondary dnves, guideway and slideways, structure.
Introduction to NC, CNC and DNC machining.
New machining methods: Process capabilities and limitations of AJM, USM, WJM, ECM,
ECG, EDM, EBM and LBM processes.
Joining processes: Fusion welding processes, heat affected zone, testing of welded joints,
solid state welding processes, brazing and soldering. Basic design considerations in welding.
Process selection. Adhesive bonding. Mechanical fastening processes.


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