Group A

Properties and classifications of fluids. Fluids statics, buoyancy.
Scalar and vector fields, Reynolds transport theorem.
Continuity and momentum equations, momentum theorem, Bernoulli’s equation and their
Constitutive relation for a Newtonian fluid. Navier Stokes equations, exact solutions for flow
between parallel plates, rotating cylinders, Couette flow and Poiseuille flow.
Application of viscous flows through pipes, Correlation of friction factor.
Laminar boundary layer, boundary layer equations Blasius solution over a flat plate, wall
shear stress. boundary layer thickness, boundary layer control.

Group B


Separation; momentum integral method.
Turbulent flow; mixing length models; Skin friction coefficient in a turbulent boundary layer.
Compressibility flow; Nozzles and diffusers; Shocks; Effect of friction and heat transfer.
Potential flows.
Experimental methods for flow and velocity measurements.


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