Group A

Review of free body diagrams; Analysis of deformation unde-!" axial loading. Simple shear
and pressure.
Statically determinate and indeterminate cases. Forces and moments transmitted by simple
Mechanics of deformable solids, stress and strain, transformation of stress and, strain, Mohr
circle diagram, equilibrium equations and compatibility conditions.
Material properties and their testing: Elastic, inelastic, plastic and viscoelastic material
behaviour. Fatigue and creep. Concepts of ductility, hardness, toughness and their
quantification. Tensile and impact tests.

Group B


Stress-strain-temperature relations. Generalised Hooke's law and thermal strains.
Equations of elasticity. Solutions of thin and thick cylinders and rotating disks.
Stresses in beams. Torsion of circular shafts and thin walled sections. Deflection of helical
Yield criteria, energy methods, basic elasticity equations.


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