Group A

Radiation and vision: Physics of light-wave theory, quantum theory, unified theory, photon
generation, visible wavelength range, standard observer curve, different forms of energy
converted to visible radiation, spectral power distribution curve.
Quantities, units, standards and measurement: Luminous energy, luminous flux, spectral
radiant flux, solid angle, luminous intensity, luminance, illuminance, luminous efficacy.
Colour temperature, colour rendering index, reflectance
diffuser, etc. Lambert's cosine law, inverse square law and cosine law of illumination. Polar curve, Roussea's diagram, illuminance (flux) meter, bench photometer (intensity measurement), integrating sphere (flux measurement). , Optical system of human eye.
Sources of light: Construction and electrical circuits of different sources of light, filament
lamps, halogen temps, discharge lamps - sodium and mercury high pressure discharge lamps,
tube and CFL lamps.
Lighting calculations for indoor and outdoor applications: Shop lighting, factory lighting,
street lighting, flood lighting.

Group B


Electric heating, welding and electroplating: Induction heating—principle of operation, scope
of high frequency and low frequency heating, induction heating, power supplies at different
Induction heating furnaces—coreless and core types.
Arc heating: AC arc heating—different arc electrodes, direct and indirect arc furnace and
their power supply systems, electrode regulators, condition for maximum output, necessity of
reactor in arc furnace, general arc furnace transformer construction, energy balance in arc
furnace, advantages of direct arc furnaces.
DC arc furnace supply system, different bottom electrodes, twin shell DC EAF (electrode arc
furnace) system, advantages of DC arc heating.
Dielectric heating: Principle of operation, choice of voltage and frequency, electrode
Resistance heating: Different resistance heating materials and their properties, causes of
Direct and indirect resistance heating furnace. Design of resistance elements.
Electric welding: Resistance and arc welding and equipment for such welding.
Electrolysis: Application of electrolysis, electro deposition, electro extraction, electro


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