Group A

Basic concepts. Dynamics of electric drives.
Mechanical system - different speed/torque characteristics of different frictional system,
windage torque. N-T characteristics of deferent industrial systems, four quadrant operation of
drive systems, dynamic conditions of a drive system, steady state and transient stability of
electrical drive.
Drive motors: DC motor, three-phase induction motor and synchronous motor characteristics
require power losses, temperature restrictions, heating and cooling, different modes of
operation (continuous/short lime intermittent duty/periodic intermittent duty), selection of
Drive motor power supply: A general survey of different power supply systems for motor
drive. Phase controlled line commutated converters.
DC choppers.
Inverters. Cyclo converters. AC voltage controllers.

Group B


Control of electric motors: DC drives - single phase and 3 phase converter drives. Chopper
drives, closed loop control of DC motor.
AC drives: 3 phase induction motor control, starter voltage control/rotor voltage control,
voltage and frequency control, current control, closed loop control of 3-0 induction motor.
Synchronous motor control: Voltage and frequency control, closed loop control of
synchronous motors.


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