Group A

Power diodes, uncontrolled rectification and power loss during transients. Bipolar junction
transistor. Power MOSFET, IGBT, GTO and LASCR, UJT, UJT oscillator, its design and
frequency stability.
Driver circuit, pulse transformer and opto coupler. Thyristor, 2-transistor analogy, triggering
circuits, dv/dt and di/dt protections, snubber circuit and its design.
Cooling and head sinks. Natural and forced commutations. DC choppers, step-down and stepup operations, thyristor choppers and switching mode regulators.

Group B


Bl-2, M-2, B-6 and M-6 half/full controlled circuits with R and R-L loads. Principle of phase
control, circuits for control and UPS. l-O and 3-0 cycloconverter and harmonic reduction.
Inverters: Series inverter, domestic inverter, PWM inverter, auxiliary commutated thyristor
inverters, complementary commutated thyristor inverters, current-source inverters, 12-pulse
converters and hvdc link.
D.C. drives: one-phase semiconverter/full-converter drives, 3-phase semiconverter/full/dualconverter
drives, 2/4-quadrant
chopper drives.
Induction motor drives, V/f control and closed-loop control.


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