Group A

Design of load boxes and rheostats.
DC machine design: Main dimensions, output equation, choice of number of poles, choice
of type of winding, design of commutator and brush gear, design of field poles and field
Armature windings: Basic principles and classification of armature windings, single layer
and double layer windings, simple and multiple windings. Different types of AC windings,
commutator windings, AC winding factors. Armature reaction in AC machines, causes and
elimination of harmonies. Skin effect and eddy current losses in armature conductors. Design of different types of motor starters, field regulators.

Group B

Transformer design: Single-phase and three-phase main dimensions, core and winding
design, magnetizing current, losses, reactance of windings, tank design.
Induction motor design: Three-phase-main dimensions. Stator and rotor windings.
Calculation of no load and pull out currents. Torque and speed calculations.
Distribution design: Fixing location of distribution transformer. Plotting of load curves and
determination of maximum demand. Design of distributors and feeders. Design of domestic


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