Group A

Units and standards. Measurement of electric quantities such as voltage, current and power
and power factor at various frequencies.
High and low value resistance measurement. A.C. potentiometer. A.C. bridges: Owen,
Anderson al Schering. Magnetic measurements: Flux, permeability a. B H loop.
High voltage measurements: D.C, A.c. and impulse. Frequency and time interval

Group B

Open loop and closed loop control systems
. Concept of linear and nonlinear systems.
Transfer functions a block diagrams. Signal flow graph.
State variables: State equations. Matrix representation of state equations. Relationship
between state equations and transfer functions.
Time response: Transient analysis of feedback systems - First and second order systems.
Steady state error and error coefficients.

Frequency response
: Polar plots, Bode plots, logarithmic vs. phase plots.
Stability: Concept and determination of absolute stability. Routh's criterion. Nyquist criterion.
Rela1 stability. Determination of gain and phase margin from Nyquist and Bode plots.
Root locus: Definitions. Construction of root loci. Root contours, S plane analysis of
Control system components
: D.C. and A.C. tachogenerator, synchros, D.C. and A.C.
preamplifier Servo potentiometers and gyroscopes.


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