Group A

D.C. machines: Parallel operations of D.c. generators. Speed control of D.c. motors. Testing
of D.c. motors.
Transformers: Construction of 3-phase transformers. Vector groupings. Connections of 3-
phase transformers Star, delta, zig-zag, Scott and Vee connections. Grounding transformers.
On load tap changing arrangement of transformers. .
Synchronous machines: Regulation of synchronous generators. Salient pole synchronous
machines. Direct and quadrature axis reactances. Synchronisation of 3-phase generators.
Starting of synchronous motors. V-curves for synchronous motors. Synchronous condensers.
Load and torque angles of synchronous machines.

Group B

Three-phase induction motors: Torque-slip characteristics. Starting maximum and pull out torques. Circle diagram of induction motors. Starters for induction motor. Speed control of induction motor. Testing of induction motor.
Single-phase A.C. motors: Working principle and performance of split phase shaded pole
and capacitor , motors. Series motor, repulsion motor.
Servo motors: D.C. and A.C.


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