Group A

Ultrasonic devices and their applications for sensing and non-destructive testing.
Radio isotopes and their applications. Radio isotope sources, nucleonic detectors, ionization
chambers, proportional-Geiger Mueller-and scintillation-counters. Ionization gauges and
nucleonic gauges for measurement of thickness, density, pressure, flow, etc.
Optical transducers: LDR, LEDs, lasers, photodiodes, photomultiplier tubes, IR and UV
detectors. Applications to industrial and pollution measurement. Introduction to optical fibre
based sensors.
Microwave sensors: Doppler shift technique for velocity measurement.
Sampling techniques for liquids and gases for analysis purposes. Gas analysis, gas
chromatography, thermal conductivity method, heat of reaction method.
Paramagnetic oxygen meters.

Group B

Humidity and moisture measurement, measurement of viscosity, pH measurement, electrical conductivity measurement.
Spectrochemical analysis: Mass spectrometry, emission spectrometry, absorption
Different types of digital control. Single loop and multiloop, direct digital control, software
implementation of multiloop controllers. Sequence control: Programmable logic controllers, relay ladder logic programming.
Supervisory control: Functionality, process optimization, process monitoring. Man-machine interfaces. On-line computer control of processes.


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