Group A

Solid state physics: Atomic structures and quantum mechanical concepts,-chemical bonds,
solid state structure, band structure, election and hole concept, intrinsic, extrinsic and
compensated semiconductors, carrier concentration, lattice vibrations, mobilities and drift
velocities, Fermi level, energy-band diagram-Carrier transport mechanism: Scattering and
drift of electrons and holes, diffusion mechanism, Hall effect, magneto-resistance, quasiFermi
levels, generation, recombination and injection, of carriers, Boltzman transport equation
and scattering rates, transient response, basic governing equations in semiconductor


P-N junction theory:. Physical description of P-N junction, depletion approximation, biasing,
transition capacitance, varacter, junction breakdown, space charge effect and diffusion
approximation, current-voltage characteristics and temperature dependence, tunneling
current, small signal a.c. analysis.

Bipolar junction transistors
: BJT action, derivation of current components and gain
expressions, breakdown voltages, Ebers-Moll model, hybrid-pi equivalent circuit, frequency
response of transistors, P-N diode, SCR.


Group B

Fundamentals on technology of semiconductor devices
; Unit processes for semiconductor device fabrication, oxidation, diffusion, photolithography and etching, film deposition, device isolation, integrated BJT fabrication processes.

Field effect transistors-JFET and MOSFET
: Physical description and theory of JFET, static
characteristics, small signal analysis, equivalent circuit, MOS structure, MOS capacitance,
flat-band threshold voltages, MOS static characteristics, small signal parameters and
equivalent circuit, charge-sheet model, strong, moderate and weak inversion, short-channel effects, hot-carrier effects, scaling laws of MOS transistors, LDD MOSFET, NMOS and CMOS IC technology, CMOS latch-up phenomenon.

Metal semiconductor junctions: Ideal Schottky barrier, current-voltage characteristics, MIS diode, Ohmic contacts, heterojunctions, MESFET.
Photonic devices: Optical absorption in a semiconductor, photovoltaic effect, solar cell,
photoconductors, PIN photodiode, avalanche photodiode, LED, semiconductor lasers.


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