Group A

Optical fibre-step index, graded index, material, preparation, measurement of propagation,
properties, jointing, connectors and couplers. Fibre optic communication systems.
System model. Optical channel-space, fibre optic, sources-lasers, LEDs.
Fibre laser for optical communication through guided media.
Modulation techniques—direct modulation and indirect modulation—injection modulation,
A/O, E/O modulation techniques.
Optical detection—PIN diodes and APDs.
Optical communication systems—analog and digital communication system. Low
bandwidth/low bit rate to ultra wideband/ultra high bit-rate communication system.
Introduction to communication networks—LANs, MANs and WANs.

Group B

Satellite launching and control. Orbits. Launch vehicles and rockets. Space shuttles.
Propagation characteristics-attenuation, noise, space environment. Frequency bands.
Types of satellite systems. Satellite sub-system, power communication, control, thermal.
Earth station equipment. Satellite link design-power budget, EIRP, G/T ratio of receivers,
CNR of satellite system.
Multiple access technique, TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, SPADE. Multiple beams-spot beams.


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