Group A

Wave propagation through waveguides-rectangular, circular, elliptical-cutoff frequency,
modes, group and phase velocities.
Cavity resonators and filters.
Network representations of discontinuity—S-matrix. Impedance transformation and matching
Microwave passive components—Tee junctions, magic tee, couplers, circulators, attenuators,
phase shifters, bends, twists, corners, irises, windows.

Group B


Microwave generators and amplifiers—thyristor, magnetors, TWTs, BWOs, transistors,
tunnel diodes, PIN GUNN, etc. Parametric amplifier. Ferrite and ferrite devices.
Microwave propagation and link design.
Microwave measurements, network analyser concept. Anechoic chambers.
Microwave integrated circuits—MMIC, strip and microstrip lines, slot and coplanar lines.


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