Group A

Microphones, loudspeaker recording and reproduction of sound—disc, tape, film recording,
playback system. High fidelity equipment for reproduction of sound. Loudspeaker enclosures
and baffles. Stereophonic sound system.
Studios and auditorium: Theory of reverberation, its limitation, measurement and adjustment.
Acoustic materials, design considerations of broadcasting studios and auditorium.
Broadcast transmitters—master oscillators, frequency multiplier, high and low level
modulation system. Class A, AB, and C power amplifiers, feeder lines.
Block diagram and principles of amplitude modulated and frequency modulated transmitters.
Studio equipment and control room apparatus. OB equipment and receiving centre's facilities.
Superhetrodyne receiver, communication receiver. Intermediate frequency, image frequency.
Receiver characteristics and measurement. Design considerations of modern broadcast
transmitters and receivers. Transmitting and receiving antennas. FM transmitters and

Group B

Television system and standards—FCC and CCIR-B standards and their comparison.
Theory of scanning-progressive scanning, interlaced scanning. Video bandwidth.
Composite video signal-Hoz, Sync, hoz. blanking, equalizing pulses, serrations, block
diagram of sync, generator.
Television pick-up cubes and cameras-vidicon, plumbicon, saticon, etc., CCD image sensors,
picture tube, output coupling circuit.
Television broadcast studio facilities, block diagram of television transmitter. Digital
Design considerations of transmitter and receiver. Feeder line, Balun, diplexer, vestigial side
band filters. Transmitter-receiver relationship, RA and TA system. Transmitting and
receiving antennas.
Block diagram of intercarrier type television receiver, RF tuner, mixer and 10-circuit design.
Sync, separator. IF amplifier characteristics and design. Trap circuit.
Elements of colour television, colour vector diagram, colour difference signal, I,Q,Y signals
and their bandwidths. Colour cameras and picture tubes, colour killer circuit, compatibility.
Propagation of television signal, telecine, CCTV, CATV, MATV, TV booster, VCR, VCP.


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