Group A

Introduction to linear ICs. Operational amplifiers and their basic applications;
audio/radio/video ICs and their specifications.

Power supplies. Rectifiers, filters and electronic stabilization circuits, considerations
regarding ripple, regulation and efficiency, short circuit protection; polyphase rectifiers,
electronic converters, applications in industry. Introduction to UPS.
IC voltage regulators. Positive and negative voltage regulators, adjustable voltage
regulators, high current short circuit protected regulators, dual tracking regulations,
programmable supply, current regulators, witching regulators, fold back current limited and
shutdown Circuits.
Amplifiers: Inverting amplifiers, non-inverting amplifiers, differential amplifiers, integrator
and differentiator, logarithmic amplifiers and multipliers, filters, voltage to frequency
converters, sample and hold circuit, high input impedance amplifiers, instrumentation
amplifiers, sensing amplifiers and comparators, zero crossing detector.

Group B

Oscillators. Expression for oscillation frequency and conditions for maintenance of
oscillations, sine wave oscillators, multivibrators, function generators, voltage controlled
oscillators, crystal oscillators.
Communication circuits. RF and IF amplifiers, video amplifiers, AM detectors, balanced
modulators and demodulators, phase locked loop, FM demodulation, frequency shift keying,
frequency multiplication.
Digital systems. Frequency counters, A/D and D/A converters, digital voltmeters,
programmable digital generators, frequency synthesizer. Design of ALU.


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