Group A

Traffic engineering—introduction. Traffic Characteristics
— Road user characteristics
— Vehicular characteristics Traffic Studies
— Use of speed, journey time, and daily studies
— Method of measuring spot speeds.
— Methods for measurement of running speed and journey speed
— Vehicle volume counts
— Origin-destination studies
— Parking studies
— Statistical analysis for traffic studies Traffic Controls
— Traffic signs
— Traffic markings :— Traffic signals
— Traffic signs
— Traffic markings :— Traffic signals
— Design of traffic signals
— Types of traffic signals & traffic signal system Traffic Safety
— Road accidents—causes and prevention
— Traffic management measures and their influence on accident prevention
Traffic Regulations
— Basic principles of regulations
— Regulation of speed and vehicles
— General rules concerning traffic
— Parking regulations
— Enforcement of regulations.

Group B


Urban Transportation: Introduction
— Objectives and policies
— Urban transport problems
— Urban transport systems in India
— Issues (safety, congestion, pollution, land-use policy)
— Urban transport planning process Travel Demand Forecasting Models
— Trip generation
— Trip distribution
— Traffic assignment
— Model
Land Use and Transport Planning
— Lane use transport models
— Land use as an instrument of diffusing congestion
— Hierarchy of planning
Public Transport—Needs, modes and systems
— Model split and trip characteristics
— Road based systems
— Rail based systems
— Innovative transit systems
— Automation technology
— Intelligent vehicle highway systems (IVHS)
— Bus and railway stations
Economic Evaluation of Transportation Plans
— Costs and benefits of transport project
— Time horizon in economic evaluation
— Basic principles in economic evaluation Methods of economic evaluation.



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