Group A

Components of transportation.
Vehicle and driver characteristics.
Resistance to vehicles and power requirements; Perception-Reaction time of drivers; Visual
acquity of drivers; Driver comfort.
Pavement materials; Aggregates; Bitumen; Concrete.
Pavement design; Flexible pavements; Rigid pavements.
Railway track and structures; Design of formation, sleeper density, rail joints, long welded
rails; Properties of sleeper material, ballast, points and crossing, railway signalling,
interlocking of signals and points.
Geometric design; Horizontal alignment; Vertical i alignment; Sight distance.

Group B


Airport planning and design; Regional -planning; Airport site selection; Airport capacity;
Airport design; Runway orientation; Basic runway length and its corrections; Taxiway
system; Aircraft parking; Terminal building.
Public transportation, different alternatives and their usefulness.
Traffic flow fundamentals, traffic stream variables, relation between traffic stream variables.
Traffic studies: Traffic volume studies, speed studies, Origin and destination studies, traffic
flow characteristics, traffic capacity study, parking study, accident studies.
Capacity and level of service analysis; Level of service analysis, capacity of various traffic
facilities like highways, freeways, signalized intersections.



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