Group A

Sources and types of wastes. Solid, liquid and gaseous wastes from various industries. Water
use in industry, industrial water quality requirements.
Control and removal of specific pollutants in industrial wastewater, e.g., oil and grease,
cyanide, fluoride, toxic organics, heavy metals, radioactivity, etc. Solid and hazardous
wastes—definitions, concept and management aspects.
Recent trends in industrial waste management, cradle to grave concept, life cycle analysis,
clean technologies. Case studies of various industries.
Environment audit, accounts audit, relevant methodologies, regulations. Introduction to ISO
and ISO 14000.
Environmental management, problems and strategies. Review of political, ecological and
remedial actions.

Group B


Multi disciplinary environmental strategies, the management dimensions. Environmental
impact Assessment (EIA)—an overview.
Definitions and concepts of sustainable development.
Initial environmental examination, environmental appraisal, environmental audit-
Environmental impact factors and areas of consideration, measurement of environment
impact, scope and methodologies of EIA. Case studies stressing physical aspects of EIA.



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