Group A

Stability and determinacy of structures.
Review of shear force and bending moment diagrams in beams and frames.
Plane trusses.: Method of joints and method of sections. Deflection of trusses (virtual work
method). Deflection of beams and frames.
Method of virtual work by Castigliano's theorem;
Moment-area method and conjugate beam method. Influence line diagrams and moving
loads. Three-hinged arches and cables.
Analysis of statically indeterminate structures. Force and stiffness method of analysis.
Plane truss using method of consistent deformation. Beams and frames.
Method of consistent deformation, three-moment equation, slope-deflection equations,
moment distribution method, Kani's method.

Group B


Structural fasteners (rivets, welds, bolts).
Design of tension members.
Design of compression members.
Design of beams (rolled section, build-up sections). Design of bolted (eccentric) connections.
Design of welded plate girder.
Design of industrial buildings (gantry girder, roof trusses etc).
Design of beam-columns and column bases. Design of RCC beams, columns, slabs and
footings by working stress method of design.



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