Group A

Introduction: Goals and applications of networks, WAN, MAN and LAN, computer networks
and distributed computers.
Network architecture: ISO/OSI model, topology, connectivity analysis, queuing theory and
delay analysis.
Physical layer: Theoretical basis of data communication, modems, FDM and TDM, X21,
communication satellites, message and packet switching, terminal handling polling,
multiplexing and concentration, error detection and correction techniques. Hamming codes
and polynomial codes.

Group B


Data link layer and network layer: Framing techniques, network protocols—stop and wait
protocol and its performance, sliding window protocol.
LANs: Ethernet and token ring. CCITT recommendation of X.25.
Introduction and overview of internet, TCP/IP, internet address. Introduction to web, web
design and search engine. Mapping of internet address to physical address, ARP.
Routing, flow control and congestion analysis.



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