Group A

IFunctions and features of OS. Different types of OS viz., single user, batch processing,
multiprogramming, time sharing.
Single user system: Basic I/O system, ROM resident and disk based I/O system.
Command interpreter with reference to any available operating systems (like MSDOS).
File management and directory structures.
Memory management, partitioned, paging, segmentation and thrashing.
Processor management and different scheduling techniques.
Resource management, disk allocation and scheduling.-
Deadlock detection, recovery, prevention and avoidance.

Group B


Concurrent processor issues—functionality, mutual exclusion, synchronization, interprocess communication.
Primitives like semaphores and their implementation using machine primitives.
Concept of conditional critical region and monitors.
Interrupt handlers, device drivers and controllers, device independent I/O and piping.
Design issue of multiuser operating systems (with reference to UNIX).
Advanced concepts of program and data security and protection.
Distributed systems concepts and few basic results.


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