Group A

Principles of high-level language programming, file structure and file handling, block
structured languages, design principles, abstractions, control and data Structures, binding,
parameter passing mechanism.
LISP. Overviews of LISP functions, conditions, arithmetic, recursion, iteration, application of
LISP in, artificial intelligence problems.
C language: Fundamentals of C, types, operators and expressions, control flow, C-functions,
recursion, pointers and arrays, structures, common line arguments, unions, Bitwise operators:
file handling in C.

Group B


C++: Overview of C+ +, class and objects, arrays of objects, operator overloading, concepts
of inheritance, base class, derived class, multilevel inheritance, nesting of classes, file
concepts, library functions, streams, templates.
Java: Features of Java, Java arrays, two-dimensional array, multidimensional arrays, Java
files, file I/O and streams, event-driven programming, events and applets, passing parameters
to Applets. Examples.


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