Section A Syllabus




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Group A

Societal Structures and Dynamics : An analysis of basic sociological concepts and the applications to contemporary society; social Stratification caste, class, cultural heritage, occupation, mobility and income distribution. Social tensions and their cause societal responsibilities and social institutions.


Development Processes : Parameters for development. Interrelationship between social, economic and scientific factors. Role of science and technology in development. Planning-its objective and assessment.


Technology Assessment : Historical development of science and technology Criteria for assessment of appropriate technology and technology adaptation.



Group B


Ecosystems : Natural ecosystems. Principles of eco-balance, Biosphere cycle, carbon dioxide. Causes for eco-imbalance - its effects and remedies.



Environmental Degradation : Causes for degradation - its effect. Control of air, water, soil and noise pollutions. Protection of ozone layer.



Waste Management : Agricultural, urban and industrial waste.

Sustainable Development : Definition and concept. Technology for sustainable energy and materials.




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