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Title: Basic information of AMIE
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How to Join AMIE (Visit this link (http://

What is AMIE?
AMIE stands for Associate Member of Institution of Engineers. Simply speaking, it is an engineering degree course recognized by all State Governments, Central Govt., UPSC etc as equivalent to B.E/B.Tech. That means, those who successfully complete AMIE will get equal opportunities for job as well as higher education, just like a B.E or B.Tech holder. The Institution of Engineers (India), the largest multidisciplinary body of engineers in the country is the body that prepares syllabus, conducts examination and issue certificates etc. of AMIE.

It is nonformal

The attraction with AMIE is that it is a nonformal course. Hence, anyone who meets the specified educational qualification and a keen desire to become a graduate engineer can do this course in the least possible time! This course is especially suitable for employed person, as they can study this course without being interfering their job, whether they are in India or abroad .

Who Can Study AMIE ?

Those who wish to do AMIE must passes any one of the following qualifications.

A recognized 3-year Polytechnic Diploma or its equivalent in any branch of engineering. (No marks restriction)

+2/HSC/PDC with Physics, Chemistry& Maths with minimum 45% marks.
If you possess any qualification equivalent to the above, still then you are eligible to apply for AMIE.

Those who pursue AMIE after their Diploma course are usually known as Diploma Stream Students, and others are known as Non-Diploma Stream Students.


The syllabus of AMIE is more or less similar to B.E/B.Tech. But the number of subjects in AMIE is very less. The AMIE syllabus has two parts:- Section A and Section B (similar to First year , Second year etc. of any formal degree course). Those who join for AMIE should first study Section A subjects, and after passing Section B he should study Section B. In Section A we study some subjects which are fundamental to engineering. In section B, we make specialized study in our chosen branch of engineering. When a student clears all subjects in both sections A and B. he is said to have passed A.M.I.E examination and becomes a graduate engineer.

Based on ones qualification, the number of subjects that a student studies in Section A varies. A diploma holder need to study only 4 subjects in Section A, while a non-diploma/+2 holder studies 10 subjects in Section A.

Following are the subjects in Section A

Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing
Material Science and Engineering
Computing and Informatics
Society and Environment
Mechanical science
Engineering Physics and Chemistry
Engineering Drawing and Graphics
Electronics and Instrumentation
Engineering Mathematics
Electrical Science.
On completion of section A, a student takes admission to Section B. In section B, student is asked to select a branch of engineering. Following are the engineering branches available.

Electronics and communication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Production Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Production Engineering
Textile Engineering
Architectural Engineering.
Of the above engineering branches available, a student can choose ANY branch as he wishes, without any criteria. This is one of the attractions of AMIE. For example, a student studied Automobile engineering in Diploma level can choose Computer Science or Electronics etc in AMIE !!!!

Both Diploma and Non-diploma holders should study 9 subjects in Section B. In order to impart practical knowledge, the Institution of Engineers has included project work and lab experiments as part of section B syllabus.

In short, a +2 holder can complete AMIE by clearing just 10 + 9 = 19 subjects, whereas for a diploma holder, the total subject is 4 + 9 = 13 only.

The project work may be done in the same firm/company where the student is presently engaged in. For carrying out laboratory experiment, the Institution of Engineers will contact the authorities of some engineering college/similar technical institution nearest to the location of the student and make necessary arrangement. For this, a nominal fee of Rs 1000/- will be charged from the student.


The attraction of AMIE is its flexibility in completion time. Apart from conventional courses, the AMIE doesn’t have a fixed ‘completion time’. Normally 6 years are available for clearing Section A subjects and another 6 years for completing Section B.


AMIE examinations are conducted in the first week of June and December every year. There are a lot of examination centers in India and Abroad. A student can appear for maximum 4 subjects at a time. Thus, a diploma holder can write all the 4 subjects of Section A in single appearance. Examination fee is Rs 1200/- per appearance (not per subject). The examination centre need be selected only at the time of submitting application form for examination.


For appearing AMIE examinations, one should get membership with Institution of Engineers. In order to get membership you should apply in the prescribed application form. Application form for membership registration can be had directly from any of the local centers of Institution of Engineers at a cost of 100/-.

Diploma holders should apply for senior Technician Membership, and +2 (or equivalent) holders should apply for Technician membership.

If you haven’t applied for registration so far, do it before August 2008, so that you may be eligible to appear for next examination in December 2008. Once you submitted the application form for registration, you must wait for at least 3 months for getting your registration confirmation letter. But if you have properly filled up the form and have remitted the correct amount of registration fee (Rs 3565/-), then definitely you will get the registration.

Documents Required

Along with the application form, you should attach the following.

Two passport size photographs to be affixed on the application form.
Attested copy of Matriculation/School leaving certificate to prove your age.
Attested copy of +2/HSC certificate (if applicable) to prove your educational qualification
Attested copy of you Diploma certificate and marks sheet (if applicable) to prove your educational qualification.
Demand draft of Rs 3565/- drawn in favour of ‘Institution of Engineers (India)’, Payable at Kolkota.
Write your name and address on the reverse of the Demand Draft.
Keep a Xerox copy of all that you send.
Get your qualification and identity verified by any AMIE/MIE/FIE holder. In order to do this you have to conduct any AMIE/MIE/FIE holder and he will attest your photograph on the application form, and on production of your certificate he will verify your qualification on the space provided on the application form. Regarding this attestation you can contact any local/State centre nearest to you.
Send this application form to IEI, Kolkota at the earliest. If the application form reaches there before August, you will be eligible to appear for December examination.
Once you send the application form to Kolkota, you may not get any correspondence from there for 2 to 3 months. This doesn’t mean that your application was not considered. Normally it takes 2 to 3 months to process your application form. During processing your application form, first your will get an acknowledgement letter mentioning your ‘RS number’. You can note this number for further enquiry regarding your membership (only if it gets delayed too much).

Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: senthilkumar.k on July 15, 2009, 09:57:03 PM
Dear friends,
i wish to bring it to your kind notice that the registration fees for the ST/T membership is increased to Rs.4800 (Membership fee Rs.2000+Membership pack Rs.600+Study materials Rs.2200.For more details please log on "")
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: praveen on July 16, 2009, 08:15:25 AM
Thanks Skyblue and senthil for sharing the information...
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: irfanmasiullah on September 16, 2009, 08:14:15 PM
I want to know, it requires 2 AMIE members sign while we submit the form or one is enough...
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: praveen on September 16, 2009, 08:58:07 PM
one member's sign is enough..
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: irfanmasiullah on September 26, 2009, 03:46:02 PM
Above information is great but there is a little change in payment as follows,

While applying for ST / T membership, the applicants  from India and Nepal have to pay Rs. 4800/- only (Membership Fee Rs. 2000/- + Membership Pack Rs. 600/- + Study Material Rs. 2200/-). The overseas applicants have to pay US$ 530 only for ST membership and US$ 510 for T membership..
The existing ST / T members may obtain the following :
'Membership Pack' --   Rs. 600/- only for candidates from India and Nepal and US$ 60 only for the overseas candidates, including postage.
'Study Material' -- Rs. 2200/- only for full set of books on all four subjects or Rs. 550/- only for individual book on each subject for candidates from from India and Nepal and US$ 220 only and US$ 55 only, respectively, for the overseas candidates, including postage.
The demand draft for the amount as applicable should be drawn in favour of 'The Institution of Engineers (India)' and made payable at Kolkata.
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: dbbrta on October 31, 2009, 06:06:05 AM
The above information is great,it is a fabulous effort. but i coldnot understand what includes in membership pack. if i have to register separately for the journals regarding information of exams,other thing from time to time? or it is included & for how many days :?:
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Post by: pk2010 on December 05, 2009, 10:14:01 AM
how many times

this post?
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Post by: Piyush Sutariya on September 06, 2010, 12:19:53 PM
I would like to join in AMIE. Thank you.
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Post by: geetha410 on September 06, 2010, 05:20:57 PM
Hello Piyush

Please go through All this links surely it will assis t you
For more information u can visit (
exam-center-codes-t337.html (
rules-for-amie-examination-t338.html (
basic-information-of-amie-t335.html (
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Post by: pawariya on September 07, 2010, 10:03:58 PM
hi frnds,
my query is tht, I was enrolled for summer 2010 examination bt i didn't appeared in exams. so i just wanna know tht wht is the last date of examination fee for me.there r two categories, one is for exam aspirants and other for non aspirants.   so in which category do i fall.......????
plz help me in this regard............
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: pawariya on September 12, 2010, 07:49:02 AM
hi frnds........
no one answered my question.......????????
i request u all to please help me in this regards( refer to previous post).........
Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: skyblue on September 13, 2010, 07:46:14 AM
U haven't gave exams so nothing to do withr esults ,right,,so its better if you pay fees at your earliest so that no worry afterwards.

Title: Re: Basic information of AMIE
Post by: pawariya on September 25, 2010, 11:47:02 AM
Quote from: "skyblue"
U haven't gave exams so nothing to do withr esults ,right,,so its better if you pay fees at your earliest so that no worry afterwards.


thnx skyblue fr ur reply......
bt nthing can be done now... soooooo sad..........