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Title: Addimision / Registration for AMIE
Post by: civilsachin on October 15, 2012, 02:20:23 PM
HI Guys,

I am new to AMIE forum.
I have completed my BE civil degree in 2005, but due to my work demand  i get more expose to the software and computer field and i also had a lot interest in computer and software.

My friend suggested me to persue AMIe with work. can i get registred for group B for the AMIE based on my civil degree.

or i have to pass 10 subject in Group A and then Group B .

But i guess it doesn't make any sens as all the subject in Group A i cover in degree 4 years course.

can any one tell me how to register for the group B as i want to appear exam in summer 2013.

Awaiting your replys.

Thanks in advance

Sachin Ubale