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This letter is no longer valid and IEI is no longer accepted by Saudi Council of Engineers.Please only NBA Approved Degree holders only accepted by Saudi council of Engineers,Kuwait Society of Engineers,Qatar Supreme Education Council.
Anything less will not be accepted under any circumstances.AMIE holders who have Master or PhD under Washington Accord Approved Degree will be accepted based on there Washington Accord Approved Master or PhD Degree in Engineering.
SCE no longer accepts AMIE Degree.

Best wishes

Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh

What should be the next step for people who are planning to appear for AMIE course?
What is the use of completing the course if it is not valid or acceptable?

I have emailed to the given email id for the concern topic. Hope they give the decision on our favor.

New to AMIE / Re: AMIE Case Status
« on: July 22, 2019, 09:39:37 AM »

O R D E R : 15.07.2019

Status of Recognition of IETE Courses by MHRD
Present Status
The case of writ petition filed by IETE against MHRD for recognition of our courses came up before Judge in Hon'ble High Court of Delhi for completion of proceedings on 15 July 2019.

+ W.P.(C) 3790/2013 and CM APPL. 7079/2013 & 14052/2019
Through: Mr.Jayant Sud, Sr. Advocate with
Mr.R.S. Bains, Advocate
UNION OF INDIA & ORS ..... Respondents
Through: Mr.Ripudaman Bhardwaj, Adv for
Mr.Anil Soni, Adv for AICTE
% 15.07.2019
Renotify on 17.9.2019.
JULY 15, 2019/VM

The next date for completing the proceedings before the Judge is 17 September 2019.

Renotify on 17.09.2019.[/b][/color]

You can check the status through the below link :

1.  http://delhihighcourt.nic.in/dhc_case_status_list_new.asp?ayear=&pyear=2013&SNo=2&SRecNo=29928&dno=&dyear=&ctype=&cno=&cyear=&party=&adv=

2. http://delhihighcourt.nic.in/dhcqrydisp_o.asp?pn=165900&yr=2019

AMIE Projects / Re: project work
« on: July 01, 2019, 12:04:26 PM »
Is it very strict..that 1 need to complete in 2500 words

Please someone answer to  my query



contect .. 09927565963

Thanks for the post.
Do provide more details of the class as only Mobile no is mentioned.

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:47:06 PM »
99. Can I have the Forms that are required for AMIE?
A :
Kindly find attached Some of the required Forms for AMIE.
1. AMIE - ST_Application Form(Admission-Diploma)
2. AMIE - Application Form(Laboratory Experiments)
3. AMIE - Application Form(Project Works)
4. AMIE Examination Rules
5. AMIE - Guidelines for Project & Lab Works
6. AMIE_Exam Form
7. AMIE_Section B-Registration Form
Note : Do Confirm these form from IEI for change.

100. Now What?
A :
What are you waiting for. I have tried to Compile & provide answer to most of the queries that comes to your mind before joining AMIE. So what are you waiting ................
Join ASAP and get the course completed.

ALL the best ......................

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 28, 2019, 04:14:45 PM »
96. can I choose ANY branch as per my wishes, without any criteria or should I study the same branch in which I completed my Diploma ?
A :
A student can choose ANY branch as he wishes, without any criteria. This is one of the attractions of AMIE. For example, a student studied Automobile engineering in Diploma level can choose Computer Science or Electronics or Mechanical or Production,etc in AMIE.

97. Where & when can I complete my Project works?
A :
The project work may be done in the same firm/company where the student is presently engaged in/working.
But before applying for project work, One need to clear at least 5 subjects in section B

98. How & where can I carry out the experiments that is required to complete AMIE in section B?
A :
For carrying out laboratory experiment, the Institution of Engineers(IEI) will contact the authorities of some engineering college/similar technical institution nearest to the location of the student and make necessary arrangement. For this, a nominal fee of Rs 1000/- will be charged from the student.

New to AMIE / Re: Good / Best AMIE Coaching Classes
« on: May 26, 2019, 11:06:31 AM »
Come on guys,

At least vote or provide your answer by just posting your comment

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 09, 2019, 04:40:15 PM »
91. How to fill the AMIE Exam form?
A :
Please check the attachment - Filled exam form-sample

92. What is the pattern of AMIE exams?
A :
The examination is written-type and is of 3 hour duration:  No internal assessment; No Viva.
Note : 10 Lab & 1 Project work only after clearing 5 subjects in Section B.

93. What/When is the last date for admission to AMIE course?
A :
There is no specific last date for AMIE admission. Admissions are open round the year. However, if you wish to appear in forthcoming Summer (June) exams send admission form until January. Similarly, for Winter (December) exams, send admission form until July. You may join ASAP, its upto you, when you wanna join.

94. Does AMIE or IEI provide regular classes or one day class in a week / Crash Course as IGNOU?
A :
AMIE doesn't provide regular or once in a week classes like IGNOU. It is open mode so you have to study yourself and attempt the exams. However, there are several coaching institutes all over India that provide classes for AMIE Exam.

95. I am a Diploma holder & wish to continue my education by AMIE. How & when can I join it? What is its syllabus & fee structure?
A :
AMIE is specially designed for working professionals. You will find syllabus and all other relevant information on its website. I would strongly advise you to go for it.

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 09, 2019, 04:26:26 PM »
89. What i need to do to upgrade myself from Technician(T) to senior technician(ST) member? what all documents i need to produce and what is the draft amount that i need to send to get upgraded please some one provide me the information?
A :
Upgrading from T to ST
A technician member who passed Diploma examination can apply for upgrading his membership category to Senior Technician.
Following documents are required.
1. Diploma Final pass certificate and Final year mark-list, OR
2. Diploma Provisional pass certificate AND all semesters mark-list
3. The certificates must be attested by a corporate member.

90. a) i am a B.Sc. graduate completed in regular college later i got appointment & was working for the past 10 years. i want to know that if am eligible for enrollment as Senior Technician or Technician Membership.
b) is B.Sc. degree is equivalent to Diploma. if equivalent is any documents are available in any website.
Kindly clarify the details if anyone know.
A :
Sorry, according to IEI rules of eligibility for technicians and senior technicians B. Sc qualified candidates with any specialization  is consider for the Technicians membership only even though there degree is consider as diploma of engineering with respective branch.
This may be because such candidates were not aware of basic engineering subjects as "Engineering Drawing", and other Applied Sciences.
Please check the information with IEI personnel with contacting through there local centers. And also  confirm that weather you get any exemptions of subject form IETE (The Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) Examinations
For more clarification on the subject : U can call up IEI,they would give u correct information.

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 09, 2019, 01:12:24 PM »
84. I'm a native of Kerala, working in Bhopal. So, which address should I put in the application form for Technician membership? I would like to write the exams in Bhopal. Right now, I'm in Kerala and will be going to Bhopal in July only. That's why I'm confused in the address matter.
A :
You have to write your Kerala 's  address in the application form.But,as you said you will give exams from Bhopal, so when you fill up examination form,write code no. of Bhopal center.remember,your Study material,as well as i-card will be delivered to your Kerala house address only.If you are sure that you will be working in Bhopal only till then you complete AMIE you can also write Bhopal address.

85. Should we provide our TC and Migration certificate? For regular BE/B.Tech courses, TC and Migration Certificates are mandatory for enrollment in University register.
A :
As per my knowledge, you don't require anything like this,but still get information from your local AMIE center.

86. How do I get the approval from corporate member of IEI in the application form?
A :
You will have to contact any near-by AMIE center(Your city/place). They will provide information,  where you can find a  corporate member nearby you. It's free of cost.

87. How long will it take to complete my registration and receive the membership pack after submitting all the documents?
A :
After you send the form with other details, it will take minimum 4 months to get registered. After than,you will find your name in AMIE newly enrolled members list. You will also receive a SMS saying you are selected as member. After you are registered, you will receive study material in about 1 month and after that within 2-3 weeks you will receive I-Card in a separate post.

88. Will it be feasible for me to write in Jun'17, if I register for AMIE this month (Dec'16)? Or I can only write in coming Dec'17 based on some policy that member can write exam only after finishing six months from the date of membership?
A :
Fixation of Term of Examination based on date of Enrollment as ST/T member

Candidates enrolled between March 01 – August 31

Eligible to appear for the first time in Winter Examination (same year)

September 01 – February 28/29

Summer Examination (next year)

The first examination that the candidates are eligible to appear is depending on their date of election as mentioned above.

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 09, 2019, 01:03:32 PM »
80. Is there any specific time to join AMIE or any time I can join?
A :
No. There is no specific time to join AMIE. You can join any time.

81. I saw that as a T-member I have to pass 19 papers. And as per rule I can sit for 4 papers at a time. So will it take 2.5 Years to complete entire course?
A :
Yes, You are correct.

82. Is there any semester system? I mean is there any sequence to appear in subjects or I can appear any SECTION A/ SECTION B papers in any sequence?
A :
No there is no Semester pattern. AMIE have only Section A & Section B.
- You can appear in any sequence but preferably Compulsory subjects first but in any order.

83. How many paper can I give at a time? or
we want to write 2exams of section A in winter and  another two in summer. whether it is applicable or not?
A :
You can give 4 Papers max. at a time but its not compulsory. You can even give 1 paper at a time if you feel that is much easy but need to clear the full Section in 6 years max.

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 08, 2019, 04:59:27 PM »
79. What are the general AMIE - Guide Lines & Time lines on Application?
A :
Following are the time lines for obtaining membership. These are general and indicative.

1) Getting Registration Number : 15 to 20 days from date of application (You can enquire for application status at 033 - 40106268
2) Getting ST/ T Membership Number : 1 month from date of application
3) Getting Membership Pack : 1.5 to 2 months from date of application

Note : It is advisable to apply for AMIE Section A during following period to ensure timely availability of membership and becoming eligible for immediate exam.

Winter Exam : Always held in 1st week of Decemeber
Examiniation Form Submission : Mid Aug to Mid Sept
Membership Application : Should be made in May or Jun so that study material, identity card are available before the Examination Form Submission period

Summer Exam : Always held in 1st week of June
Examiniation Form Submission : Mid Feb to Mid Mar
Membership Application : Should be made in Oct or Nov so that study material, identity card are available before the Examination Form Submission period

These are general guide lines from peoples experience.

Thanks for ur suggestion.
According to me we should not divide the membership right now.Reason is,
1. Members are already confused with super membership, We have given each & every details at home page only still we are getting many mails,PM & query for super membership.so i think this will make more confusion for them.
2. Some members are relating Super membeship with ST/ T membership where as these both are completely defferent.
3. We had paid 1500/- per subjects for Coaching class notes only...Kolkatta head office is taking 100/- per subject only for question papers....so i think 500/- is not more & these too is for full AMIE & we are paying for this site.
& still even if they can't pay then they have another option of being an active member in site & create only 25/- posts.

This is what i feel,,,u can gv ur suggestion,
Praveen,what u say??

Well thought...............

New to AMIE / Re: All About AMIE
« on: May 07, 2019, 04:39:35 PM »
73. Can Students/Professionals Working Outside India can do AMIE?
A :
Students/Professionals may take membership at Indian address. But, it is not possible to give exams from few countries (including gulf countries). See list of exam centers. If your country is not listed in this list, then you have to come to India for exams.

74. Age Criteria For AMIE Admission
A :
i)Minimum age for 10+2 pass students is 17.
ii)For Diploma holders is 18 years.

75. Working Experience necessary For AMIE?
A :
In AMIE (Section A), no experience is needed. but if you are taking direct entry to Section-B on certain ground,then Working experience is needed while registering for AMIE (Section B).

76. Whom to Contacts For AMIE Membership Issues?
A :
Inquiry for Senior Technician and Technician Membership of AMIE :

+91-33-40106255 / +91-33-40106302 / +91-33-40106225

1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]

3. [email protected]

Note : Not all AMIE membership forms are accepted by IEI. If there is error in the form such as wrong attestation, non eligibility, error in DD/credit card payment etc., IEI will put details of error in a list called discrepancy list.

77. What is the Meaning Of Summer And Winter AMIE Exams?
A :
Summer exams are held in the month of June in first week (generally from first Saturday).
Winter exams are held in the month of December in first week (generally from first Saturday).

78. What are normally the AMIE Exam Timings?
A :
The AMIE exam Timings are as follows :
i)  FN: 10 to 1 (Forenoon/Morning section)
ii) AN: 2.30 to 5.30 (Afternoon section)

Section A Diploma stream: Only one subject daily (10 to 1)
Others: Two subjects per day

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