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Title: Support Signature of corporate F/M/AM memebers
Post by: mudassir.search007 on September 08, 2017, 11:08:53 AM
Hello Everybody

I am a ST member of the Institution of Engineers (India) I got registered in 2011 with IEI. However, due to my work and other circumstances I was unable to continue and as a result my membership has expired. So, I am looking for re-register of my membership.

At the time of my first submission of application i got the sign from a lecturer named MR. Sreedhar from Masab tank polytechnic college but now he got transferred to another city.I need some help to find any corporate F/M/AM member to support my application i.e to verify re-registration form and sign it. Please let me know if any member is willing to sign it.I live in Hyderabad and I hardly knew anyone who can do this for me.

Any advice/help is welcome.

Mudassir Ali