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Author Topic: Study Technique  (Read 1478 times)

April 06, 2009, 11:57:33 AM
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Dear All,

Please find some useful stuff attached below. Which will help to improve your study skills.

Tips On Getting Your Mood To Study
Students sometimes don’t feel like studying simply because they are not in mood
to study. You may be upset because your girl friend did not fall in line or you just
quarreled with your friend. You may be in a depressed mood because of so many
assignments in your hand. This is a common problem among students because if
they failed to review the course, they will probably obtain low grade in the exams.
So it is important for students to know how to get in the mood to study. My
personal and time-tested mood boosters are so easy and it never failed to lift my
mood whenever I am sluggish and don’t feel good:
(i) Listen music of your choice on a good music/mp3 player (Sony is best) - pop,
rock, dance, soft, Bollywood, Hollywood etc. Generally fast music (with high
bass/thump) lifts the mood successfully.
(ii) Look for something green like trees, plants or even a nature inspired painting
to lift your sluggishness.
(iii) Take a short walk and enjoy nature, people, children, animals, other objects
walking around.
(iv) Watch a good quality news channel or a thriller
(v) Eat/drink something of your choice (preferably light)
(vi) take a little catnap
Be optimistic and prioritize – Don’t worry that you can not finish all your loads
today. Instead, focus your effort in the stuffs that you need to accomplish first.
Never study in long stretches. Instead study in short stretches. This will keep
your mood consistently good.
Past Exam Papers Technique
Past exam papers technique can really cut the time you need to review your notes
and entire textbooks because what you have is the set of questions that will likely
to be included in your upcoming exams. Moreover, past exam papers give a
feel/trend of exams.
If you are preparing for entrance exams like IIT, AEEE, IES, IAS, GATE, AMIE,
MBA etc, then you can either purchase solved/unsolved papers from book shops
or you can download these papers from websites of well known coaching
institutes. However one thing you should keep in mind that generally there are
errors in the solutions in solved papers, as most of these are published by petty
publishers. Hence be careful regarding solutions of problems. It would be safe to
purchase unsolved paper rather than buying solved papers. You should try to get
the solutions from good books or from internet. In this way your solution will not
only be accurate but also be different from others.
Finally, while using past exam papers - do not speculate. You are not playing in
stock market or in casino. You are studying seriously. Never guess which
question will be asked and which is not. Paper setters are too tricky now a days.
They can repeat the questions.
Remember that it’s highly unlikely the exact same question (same words) will come up in
the exam so don’t waste time learning your answers off by heart: instead focus on
identifying and understanding the key models and theories so that you can use them
flexibly in an exam depending on the exact wording of the question.
A place for study
To maintain regular schedule, place of study is of utmost importance. It should
include the following:
• A door you can close
• complete privacy is necessary
• study in the same place every day
• if there is no room at home, use the local library or college library
• A desk or table
• Proper lighting > good lighting, preferably a front desk lamp or strong
overhead light. Light should not be from behind. It will reflect your image
on the book.
• A straight chair > you need both comfort and support. No bed !! No
• Proper tools > keep your desk fully equipped and ready for work text
books/study material, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, ruler, calculator .
Don’t get up to look for things -it breaks concentration. Don’t give yourself
excuses to leave your studies.
• Good reference books/notes > Always study from good books (may be
costly)/study material etc. If new books are costly then you may purchase
second hand books/study material.
• a clock to help you budget your time
• bookshelves are often useful for books and supplies
• A cup of tea to boost your brain
• A music system for quiet and soft music in low volume (if you like)
Tips to understand the subject better
Following are several tips to avoid cramming and start understanding the
subject in an effective way:
• Summarise passages of text in your own words, it made you notice which
bits you hadn’t really understood, identify which bits were really important
and also meant you had a nice concise summary to go back to for lastminute
• Use mind-maps all the time when you revising a subject to get all the
different bits of it down on paper and see how they link up with each other,
you can add key models and examples underneath each heading.
Sometimes you have to draw a map a few times before you get it right, but
each time you understand it a bit better.
• Whenever you have to remember something really dry, like a list, try to
invent a really outrageous mental picture that includes all the elements.
Or you may think up a rude acronym (funny shortcut) to remind you of the
first letter of each bit.
• Try to study together with your friend and try to cover the same stuff at
the same time, afterwards talk it over and get the other person’s point of
view, just discussing it somehow makes it stick in your brain better and
often he’d come up with something you hadn’t thought of, which was really
useful. Group study gives better understanding. You may also join several
forums of students over internet for this purpose.
• You can record certain or all topics of your subject in a mobile phone or in
a recording device (recordable mp3 players, for example) and later listen
these recordings frequently.
• Practice in writing at speed for a long period of time is very important: if
you usually use a computer to write assignments, emails and so on, you
may find you need to build up the muscles required to write legibly for
several hours. This will help you understand subject better.
A schedule is a plan that you create for how you want to spend your time. A good
schedule can help you do both what you must do and what you want to do. A
scheduled activity is more likely to occur than an unscheduled one.
Many students fail to develop a good study habit because of the very simple
reason: they fail to stick to their schedule. The best way to combat those
distractions is to be loyal to your schedule for that time. Refrain from creating
excuses and you will see that you can manage your time better.
Self-discipline is very important and the easiest way to impose a self-discipline is
to stick on the task or activity that you are scheduled to do for a particular period
of time. If you happen to have an unexpected activity, just try your best to finish
your scheduled task ahead of time. Remember that if you are known to be a
person who does things as scheduled; your peers or your colleagues will also
respect your time.
Now a million pound question is - how to impose self discipline? How to stick to
your schedule?
Following suggestions may help:
• Try to make each day balanced, giving yourself time for both work and
play. Most people get their best work done by working intensely for a
reasonable period of time, then resting or changing to something else.
• Figure out when you are most awake and alert, and try to do your studying
then. We know that people work more effectively at different times during
the day.
• Use trial and error period that will work best for you. For some people,
morning is best when they are energetic. For others, late night is best when
there is no noise pollution.
• Your stickness to schedule largely depends upon your seriousness and
passion for studies. If you are not serious about your studies, better, not to
make any time table at all. So, to stick to your schedule, essential condition
is your love for your studies in the same way you love your girlfriend and
always stick to time as far as dating with her is concerned.
• Try to develop such conditions which force you towards studies. To do
this, you may read/listen biographies of successful scholars, engineers,
doctors, businessmen, managers etc. These stories will inspire you from
within and you will be full of verve, vim and vigour. Watch inspirational
movies/documentries on TV channels (Discovery, National Geographic
etc.). Imagine yourself at high position which may only be achieved only
through strict study schedule. Also imagine yourself in worst position
where you may be pushed if you not follow your study schedule. Fill your
mind with positive thoughts so that you will be automatically forced to
your time table.
• Keep the same study schedule as your friends; it’s no good thinking you’ll
study all evening if they’re watching TV or joking around.
Smart Student
An economics professor at school had a strict policy that the hourly examinations
were to be completed at the bell and anyone who kept writing on their exam after
the bell would take a zero on the exam.
Well, one guy kept writing on his exam for a while after the bell and then
confidently strode up to turn it in. The professor looked at him and said, "Don't
bother to hand that paper in... you get a zero for continuing after the bell."
The guy looked at him and said, "Professor, do you know who I am!"
The professor replied, "No, and I don't care if your dad is president of the United
States...you get a zero on this exam"
The guy, with a enraged look on his face, shouted, "You mean you have no idea
who I am?"
The professor responded, "No, I've no idea who you think you are."
With that, the guy said "Good!" plunged his exam into the middle of the stack of
other student's exams, and did a hasty retreat from the examination room!

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April 07, 2009, 01:58:07 PM
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hello yashraj,
              Very -2 nice! really interesting and useful!
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Rohit Wadhwa
Site : Study Site
November 28, 2009, 05:18:43 PM
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first listen there are no shortcuts
a student life is much different from students having proffessional life
make a balance b/w your study & proffessional life
whatever u study  have it with concentration
have a flexible schedule
use your weekends & holidays to max advantage to study
study smart not hard
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