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Hi Friends
These tips i have read in other website. i thought it will be helpful for our AMIE friends in this forum.
Thanks to the original author

Tips to crack Material Science

i heard many student saying that 'Material Science is tough' up to some extent or level it is correct. if you are feeling " Material Science is tough" then i am sure about that your basic concept are not clear. many student are loosing their interest in material science because of rumour about Material Science.

one thing i want to say strictly
" there is neither any subject which is tough nor any subject which is easy, toughness or easiness of any subject is depend upon your interest in that subject.

Some effective method of study for Material Science are given below.

1. First remove the thing from your mind i.e. Material Science is tough . first clear your basic concept about Material Science like atomic structure, bonding of atoms, etc. because without a strong base you can not build anything.

2.Rather than concentrating on big topic like Heat Treatment cover short and easy topic like Electronic proprieties, Magnetism, Polymer, Ceramic etc.if you complete this topic first then psychologically it will boost your confidence regarding Material Science.

3. Whatever topic you are studying for Material Science do it perfectly do not leave anything for option because "do less but do perfect".

4.when you completing one topic and going to start another topic must see previous topic at a glance . repeat this process for next topic. apply this process not only for material science but also for other subjects.

5. when you complete any topic after that try to write it's summery and explain that topic to yourself as considering yourself as a student as well as teacher.

Tips to Clear Design and Manufacturing

Design and manufacturing not a complicated subject if we compare it with Material Science. Design and manufacturing is a theoretical subject with interesting point of view. if we look at syllabus of design and manufacturing we can divide it into three part

1. Design Section

2.Manufacturing section

3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Section

According to my experience student of other stream expect Mechanical face little problem in manufacturing section of Design and Manufacturing . other part Design section and Computer integrated Manufacturing section are easy to understand and interesting.

Tips to Crack Design And Manufacturing

1. when you are studying any topic of design and manufacturing first important thing is read the topic carefully and after that write down its summery on a paper what you have understood.this method will help you to remember everything inside of the topic.

2. If non Mechanical student are facing problem in Manufacturing section is tough then complete first Design section and computer Manufacturing section after that if your any friend with mechanical background take his help for Manufacturing section.

3.Refer past few year question paper of Design and Manufacturing and make a list of important question which have asked frequently.

Tips to Crack Computing and Informatics

If we see the syllabus of computing and informatics we see that syllabus is get divided into three fallowing part which are fallowing.

1.Programming Language section 2.Computer Hardware section 3.Computer Software section
Non IT background student facing problem in first part which is programming language. Programming language having major stake in question paper of computing and informatics so we can not ignore it. other part of computing and informatics are easy to learn as compare to programming language. you can only crack the paper of computing and informatics only if you have good command over computer hardware and computer software section.
Some Tips To Crack Computing and Informatics

1.For Non IT Student they should first complete computer hardware and computer software. if you do this will improve your confidence and remove your fear regarding computing and informatics.

2. If we look at last two to three year question paper we see that Binary conversion and Logic Gates are compulsory question so make strong command over this.

3. To complete computer theory in better way , I would like to advice you to use PETER NORTON textbook of TATAMcGRAW HILL publication. this is the Best book for computer theory i ever known. i used the same book and cleared my computing and informatics paper.

4. For Programming Language i want to i want to say that first make strong command over C Language after that learn C++. If you have any friend having IT background take his help otherwise join any institute for coaching of C and c++ language.

5.If we look at past few year question paper we find that Networking question asked regularly so networking question may be your sure marks if you prepare for it in good way.

Tips to get good grade in Society and Environment.

as we know that Society and Environment is a theoretical subject both ST and T member are not facing much problem to crack Society and Environment but just cracking or passing of society and environment is not important important is to get good grade if ST member get good grade in Society and Environment this will helpful to clear any one subject of remaining three which you are feeling tough with D grade .

main important thing for to get good grade in Society and Environment is your general about society structure, Environment and your GK for C group question. if you have good verbal and sentence construction ability then you can score good in society and Environment subject.

Followling points are important to crack Society and Environment or to get good grade.

1. as we know that Society and Environment is a theoretical subject this mean not that write the answer like history . always write the answer with point. there should be one or two line distance between two point. distance between points will make your answer attractive.

2. always underline important words with colour pen this will help you to impress the examiner and examiner would not feel any problem to correct your answer sheet.

3. write the answers according to the marks given do not write too much for less marks.

4. write the answers such a way that it should be clear and precise.

5.many students think that" more paragraph mean more marks" which is totally wrong because examiner does not checking size of your paragraph. examiner checks content inside what you have written.

6.Arrange your time for each group for question paper of society and Environment.otherwise you would not be able to complete your society and Environment paper on time.


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